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Modern House

Full Turnkey Build Solution


Wellbuild offers a turn-key service. This means that we manage all aspects of the interior of your new home – except the kitchen. This is because there are so many choices of kitchen that we prefer to leave the kitchen and its installation up to you.

After your house has been constructed, interior decoration is completed throughout the entire house, glazed tiles laid in the kitchen and bathrooms, and sanitaryware installed. Your choice of either carpet or laminate will have been laid on all floors, so you can basically bring your furniture and start enjoying your new home straight away.

Are you still wondering about how to finish the interior? Our Wellbuild interior architects are here to help and have prepared a number of different interior designs and styles, combining aesthetics and functionality, to help you decide. We call this WellbuildArt. It means that your whole house is in harmony in colour, style and design.

So by choosing the turn-key option you can take advantage of a ready-made WellbuildArt design project created by our Wellbuild architects. The project is included in the turn-key house price, so you won't be incurring additional costs by employing an architect or interior designer. So you'll save money and have everything done for you at the same time. What's more, you can adapt each of our proposals to the design of the house you choose. We are convinced that the house we build will fulfill your dreams.

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